Dads in critical condition after adopted son stabs them in their home

Tom Boulet and Ken Coll are in a critical condition but expected to survive


A couple are in critical condition after their adopted son stabbed them at their home.

Police arrived at the home of Tom Boulet and Ken Coll on Tuesday (July 24) after reports of assault with a deadly weapon, and the couple were taken to hospital where they underwent surgery for multiple stab wounds, CBS Los Angeles reported.

Matthew Boulet, a 21-year-old college student who was spending time with his adopted parents, was identified as the attacker and police recovered a pocket knife with a blade measuring between three to four inches at the scene.

Tom and Ken – who have been described as “great models of parenthood” – became grandparents last year after their daughter had a child and the couple are reportedly in critical condition but are expected to survive.

Matthew Boulet

Although it is not known why Matthew stabbed his parents but it’s reported the stabbing followed a fight between the parents and son but it’s not known why the argument started.

No previous reports of house calls were made to the police so officers will now investigate whether mental illness played a role in the crimes.

Neighbour Florence Riggs told KABC-TV: “Tom and Ken have been very significant on our block, great models of parenthood.

“Whatever happened with Matthew going over the edge like that – that it’s all going to be rectified in some way where everyone will heal.”

Another neighbour, Andre Saab, said the attack shocked the quiet area.

Saab said: “It’s shocking, you never think about it. As a dad, my own son to stab me? Wow.”