Cumberbatch suggests he plays Sherlock as a gay man

sherlock_doctorsworkBenedict Cumberbatch has suggested that his character in BBC series Sherlock is gay. Cumberbatch, who has played the title character in the smash hit drama since it debuted in 2010, made the remark in a new interview, where he was asked to talk about the similarities between Sherlock and fellow BBC character, Doctor Who. “One uses a sonic screwdriver and time travel and the other uses his brain and isn’t 900 years old and isn't reincarnated,” Cumberbatch told The Nerdist. “Sherlock talks fast and is clever, that’s literally the only bracket they share. They've got different dress senses, different tastes in the sex of their partners," he added. Meanwhile, Cumberbatch recently discussed the graphic gay fan-fiction that the show has inspired – find out what he had to say here. More stories: Cumberbatch on ‘Sherlock’ sex: ‘I’d know where to tongue’ Andrew Scott discusses ‘Sherlock’ gay fan-fiction