Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Rachel Bloom on lesbian kiss: We were so psyched!

During a Writers Guild of America panel, comedian actress Rachel Bloom revealed that the first time she ever kissed a girl was on CW's comedy series, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Gay Star News reports that during the panel Bloom said, "In the second episode, I make out with a girl - we were so psyched!" "I'd never made out with a girl before," Bloom says. In the series, which has just been renewed for a second season, Bloom plays Rebecca Bunch who gives up her partnership at a law firm and her Manhattan apartment to follow an old summer camp boyfriend and ends up living in West Covina, taking a job at a local law firm and attempting to reconnect with her ex. "I connect with a gay man on a level that I don't even understand," Bloom adds. "I don't get it but I really, really connect with gays and am glad anytime I can have an LGBT fan." As the season progresses, Rebecca's boss, Darryl played by Pete Gardner, discovers he's bisexual and starts to date a fitness instructor called Josh. "Josh sparks a connection in Darryl and it is something that emerged organically," Bloom says. "He and Rebecca are on similar paths. They are both optimists with a deep sadness." Bloom just recently won a Golden Globe Award for best actress in a comedy series. You can take a look at the trailer for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend below: More stories: Watch | Gay hacks to improve your sex life Meet the stereotype-smashing men of Africa’s first gay rugby club