'Crazy Ex Girlfriend' star Rachel Bloom sings about her 'Sex Junk'

Rachel Bloom has given the world an education about their 'Sex Junk'. The Netflix series Bill Nye Saves the World sees scientist Bill Nye and his panel exploring different topics from climate change to politics. In one episode, 'The Sexual Spectrum', the group discusses sexuality and gender identity. Rachel Bloom, the writer and star of Crazy Ex Girlfriend, was on hand to provide an educational song for the occasion. 'My Sex Junk' explores questions of sexuality and gender in a fashion only Rachel Bloom could. 'My Sex Junk', featuring the style of part rap/part song that we have come to love from Crazy Ex Girlfriend, reminds us that gender is so much more than just an "either/or". The song's lyrics give us a greater understanding of gender, with lyrics like "my vagina has its own voice" and "nothing taboo about a sex stew". In terms of sexuality, Bloom reminds us that everyone is on a broad spectrum, and that whether you're "power bottom or a top, versatile love may have some butt stuff." Watch the masterpiece that is 'Sex Junk' below: More stories: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Rachel Bloom on lesbian kiss: We were so psyched! George Takei gets six male strippers for his 80th birthday on Howard Stern’s radio show – WATCH