Couture clad Céline Dion struts around Paris in outrageously camp Vogue shoot

We really don't deserve Céline Dion. The woman with one of the greatest voices the world has ever heard knows how to serve looks. After all, she's been giving us fabulous gowns for over three decades now. However, the greatest thing about Céline is that she doesn't take herself too seriously, as is evidenced by her latest photoshoot with Vogue at the magazine's Couture Week in Paris. The shoot features Céline in a selection of the season's best couture, including some astonishing headpieces. The pictures are glorious, but it is the accompanying video that showcases everything that we love about the Canadian diva. Over two marvellous minutes, Céline sashays through a restaurant kitchen, gyrates on a riverboat down the Seine, and munches on a mannequin head. "Much like the title of Céline Dion’s hit francophone album, Encore un Soir, Chanel’s many-petaled evening look holds all the intrigue of a romantic night out in Paris," Vogue writes. "And in shades of dusky pink and blue, the haute couture ensemble is touched with the same dreamy palette as a sunset on the River Seine." “Dion? No, Dion!” Céline tells the camera, before dropping her shawl to the floor in a move that may be the most camp thing we've ever seen. Head to Vogue.com to see exclusive pictures from the shoot. Watch the video below now. And continually throughout the day: More stories: Nyle DiMarco posing in swimwear is the best thing about summer Sinitta was dropped from ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ for this insane list of demands