Courtney from the Post Office Twitter account has had it with homophobes this Pride

May the heavens have mercy on bigots who cross her path - or not, tbh.


Running a corporate social media account can be tough: with daily complaints, trolls and angry customers, it can be difficult to keep your composure.

Enter Courtney from the official Post Office Twitter account, who's been delivering a masterclass in handling homophobes unhappy with the service's new Pride campaign.

It all began earlier this month when the Post Office shared an interview with one of its LGBTQ staff members, Emma, to reaffirm its commitment to Pride.

Sadly, the footage attracted its fair share of ignorant responses from people who can't seem to wrap their heads around the idea that yes, gay people are sometimes handling your mail.

Thankfully, Post Office Courtney is having none of it, and along with other members of the social media team schooling ignorant bigots in acceptance - and sometimes with more than a little bite.

After a Twitter user branded Emma a "degenerate" Courtney dropped the social media speak and responded as any decent person would.

"Do you honestly think it's okay to speak about my colleague like that?", she wrote.

"Your comment is absolutely disgusting. You don't know Emma personally to even comment on the type of woman she is, so please don't respond unless you have something positive to say - Courtney".

It didn't end there: As another user churned out that famous cliche about "Adam and Steve", Courtney shot back: "How original, I've never heard that one before!"

She continued: "What's so creepy about a human being falling in love with someone of the same sex? The LGBTQ+ community are no different to straight people, there shouldn't be an issue - Courtney".

On the back foot, the user, named Ged, responded: "It’s weird. But saying that. I think the same of married childless couples to."

To which Courtney wrote: "This is the issue, Ged, this is why we have to support the LGBTQ+ community. Same sex couples aren't weird, they're the same as you and I, they just happen to love someone of the same sex; that's the only difference - Courtney".

Taking a break from slaying homophobes, Courtney continued to sing the praises of her colleague featured in the original video.

"Emma's definitely up there with the legends, she's a true inspiration and advocate for Pride", she wrote. "I feel so proud to work alongside her."

Thankfully, there were plenty of Twitter users on hand to congratulate Courtney for her efforts, as well as many of her team members who are continuing to respond to the abuse in the firmer than expected manner.

"I hope Courtney from @PostOffice goes home today knowing her presence online today speaking and supporting LGBT+ people has made us very happy and she is an awesome person", one Twitter user wrote.

"Even if she has had hundreds of trolls attack and slander her for supporting us a community I hope she goes home happy and knowing she is a legend in our eyes."