Couple on reality TV show shock fans after one is revealed to be straight

Jack and Luke pretended they were a couple on the MTV show despite Luke being straight


A gay couple shocked fans on the new MTV reality show True Love or True Lies? after revealing one them is straight.

Couple Jack and Luke told other contestants they met in India on the set of a film and had a one-night stand but during last night’s show (August 13), the couple were booted off the show during the Love Ceremony.

It was then they revealed they had only met twice and Luke admitted he had been lying about his sexuality the whole seven days.

Watch the reveal below:

Twitter exploded with the revelation with one saying: “Wow so not only did Luke fake BEING GAY for 7 DAYS he fucking faked his voice too... wtf I’m baffled”

“Jack and Luke were fucking liars.Only met twice, faked an accent and one is actually straight. Amazing game playing wow am sad tho,” another wrote.

Another said: “Fuck me, my mind is blowwwwwnnnn. I knew Jack and Luke were fake but I did not think that Luke was straight”