Couple attacked while celebrating their engagement

Daniel Hendry and Jamie Slevin were covered in bruises after the attack


A couple who were celebrating their engagement were attacked as they left their own party.

Daniel Hendry, 23, and Jamie Slevin, 25, were celebrating at 30’s bar in Coatbridge when they were branded “gay boys” before being targeted physically leaving Hendry with cuts and bruises over his face, The Scottish Sun reported.

The couple were left traumatised and even considered terminating their marriage following the attack.

Hendry said: “We were just dancing the night away and these guys kept pushing each other into us then all of a sudden they were saying homophobic comments and attacked us.

“It’s made us considered whether to get married or not because of the negativity and drama from that night.

“We were already sad that night because Jamie’s mum and dad aren’t with us anymore and that upset him as it’s a big moment in his life.

“Now we feel like people are constantly staring at us so it’s made us anxious to go out.”

The couple – who have been together for nearly four years – got engaged in March and organised the special night to celebrate their milestone.

But Hendry said the attack ruined their whole night and shared their injuries on a Facebook post.

Hendry said: “It was so frightening.

“They asked one of our sisters, ‘Were you actually at a gay engagement party?’ and kept shouting ‘gay boys’ at us.

“Then one of the guys hit Jamie while another had me in a headlock.

“While I was getting cleaned up by one bouncer another one had Jamie by the throat, shouting ‘calm down’ at him but he couldn’t breathe and was freaking out so he couldn’t calm down.”