Connor Jessup talks sexuality, coming out and finding love in Attitude's April issue

The star of Netflix's 'Locke & Key' opens up in his most personal interview yet.


Words: Will Stroude

Connor Jessup ready to lead us out of the cold winter months in Attitude's April Style issue as the star of Netflix's Locke & Key talks sexuality, coming out, and how his world changed forever after falling in love.

The Canadian actor, who plays Tyler Locke in the TV adaptation Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez's hit comic book series, opens up about finding love and happiness in his most personal interview yet, which you can download instantly and order globally as part of our new April issue now.

25-year-old Connor, who recently made his relationship with 13 Reasons Why star Miles Heizer Instagram official, reveals that the pair's relationship inspired his decision to come out publicly last summer.

"One of the sparks at the beginning of the fuse [for coming out], was that I fell in love", Connor says.

Connor Jessup, shot by Taylor Miller exclusively for Attitude's April Style issue, out now

"When you’re happy, you want to be happy publicly, and it made me think about the whole construction of my life in a way that I had been avoiding."

Reflecting on last June's coming out announcement, which coincided with Pride month in the US, Connor recalls: "It was more of a relief than I was expecting. 

"I’m an easily embarrassed person and I can’t imagine that anyone would care about my personal life.

"It seemed so presumptuous to make a post and assume that people would want to take a moment out of their time to read it.

(Photography: Taylor Miller)

"It felt almost arrogant and that held me back, but eventually I decided that it was easier to do it than to not do it."

Connor may have landed a leading role in Locke & Key as Tyler, a teen whose family become involved with malevolent forces after discovering series of magical keys in their new home, but the actor isn't worried that being out and proud will affect the types of roles he's offered in the future.

"I don’t know how much it matters any more — unless maybe at the highest budget level, if it’s some super-hero movie", he says.

Photography: Taylor Miller 

"The truth is, no one is going to cast me as Spider-Man, and I don’t think it matters much for the parts that I’m probably right for and interested in.

"I’m grateful that I am starting my career at the time that I am, but that’s a very different reality than it was even recently. I’m hyper-aware of that."

Cybil War, shot by Markus Bidaux exclusively for Attitude's April Style issue

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