Christopher Biggins apologises for controversial comments made in Celebrity Big Brother

Christopher Biggins was removed from Celebrity Big Brother on Friday after making a series of offensive comments during the show. The 67-year-old star was favourite to win despite causing a stir earlier this week when he said bisexuals are "the worst type" of LGBT people during a conversation with Renee Graziano. Viewers had to wait until yesterday's episode (August 6) which depicted the events leading up to Biggins' removal to find out what the offensive comments were. According to Digital Spy, Biggins claimed that AIDS is a "bisexual disease" in a conversation with Renee where they discussed the history of the LGBT community in yesterday's episode. Christopher-Biggins-and-Renee-Graziano-1 Biggins said: "Gays had been really badly treated, then suddenly they became respected. Then a killer disease came that was attributed to homosexuals." "I think it was a bisexual disease to be honest," he adds. "What they didn't realise were a lot of bisexuals who went to [third world] countries and had sex with those people and brought it back to their own families in America, and that's how it became a worldwide disease." Renee then said that a CIA agent had told her AIDS was created to "kill off" third-world countries, Biggins said he agreed with the idea. But that wasn't all. According to the Sun, Biggins was warned by Big Brother for making a holocaust 'joke' during an unnaired conversation with Katie Waissel. Speaking to the Sun, Biggins apologised for the comments he made to Waissel and for claiming that AIDS was a "bisexual disease". christopherbiggins-large_trans++qVzuuqpFlyLIwiB6NTmJwVo7LDy_ai-PYQ2w4MeyfTQ "I found Katie and said, 'I am mortified. I would never do anything to upset you. I love you and I'm really sorry.'" He continued, "I am mortified by what's happened, really mortified. Most of my friends, in fact, are Jewish. I apologise to Big Brother and Katie." Referring to his comments on bisexual people, Biggins said: "I have a lot of bisexual friends and I'm not in any way a bigoted person. I'm 67 and I love everybody. I live in Hackney and I have a lot of black neighbours who are fantastic. It's just not in my vocabulary that word. So to be chastised for those sorts of things is very sad." More stories: Meet the out and proud gay men representing their country at the Rio Olympic Games Carly Rae Jepsen talks new music, Brighton Pride, and why she’s become the queen of f**king everything