Christina Aguilera is back with new music for the first time in six years

The Dirrty hitmaker revealed thew news before a performance in Azerbaijan


Christina Aguilera has teased her new album marking the first time in six years.

The Dirrty hitmaker was performing in Azerbaijan over the weekend and during her performance, she played a short video revealing the new record Liberation is set to be dropped soon.

Her upcoming album marks her return to music for the first time in six years after releasing 2012’s Lotus and the first single is reportedly called Accelerate.

In the short clip, she said: “X, X-tina, exhale, explore, express, experiment, exploit, exclusive, exist, expire.

“My existence has no expiration. This is my liberation. This is our liberation. Be liberated with me. It’s time for a liberation.”

Aguilera did release the single Change in 2016 and dedicated the song to shooting victim Christina Grimmie and those wounded and killed at Pulse nightclub.

In the same year, her disco track Telepathy was used on the soundtrack for Netflix’s The Get Down.

Recently, Aguilera has revealed she and Britney Spears were once in a love triangle with Justin Timberlake. 

The singer and The Voice judge made the revelation on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke, explaining that it had happened when the two women were part of the All-New Mickey Mouse Club back in the 90s with Ryan Gosling and the *NSYNC singer. 

After being asked about crushes, Aguilera revealed that both she and Spears were competing for the same man. 

Corden asked the singer whether she was on the "Timberlake train", and that's when she revealed all.

Getting a little flustered, Aguilera said: "I think... Well, there was a... me and Britney... Well, there was a thing back then" before joking: "Oh my God, you're going in.

"It was a good time. He had swag, even back then, he had swag. But I know Ryan, he did have a crush on Britney.”