'Christian Warrior' arrested after threatening to kill LGBT people in YouTube video

Police in Las Vegas have arrested an anti-gay 'Christian Warrior' extremist after he threatened to kill LGBT people in a YouTube video. Bryce Cuellar shared the video on July 1 and it was quickly intercepted by Interpol and the police believed they managed to stop Cuellar before he could do anything. According to LGBT Nation, the now-deleted video featured Cuellar wearing a military jacket while holding two rifles and night-vision goggles. In it, he stated that he couldn't wait to use the rifle in the manner in which "the founding fathers intended" and he wanted to kill "gays, f*ggots, lesbians and satanists." Reports have revealed that just one hour after posting the video, Cuellar attacked his wife by punching, knocking her to the ground and strangling her. According to police, Cuellar admitted to making the video and claims he was drunk and angry before insisting that he isn't murderer. Cuellar is currently being held and is awaiting a hearing on charges of making terrorist threats on September 1. More stories: Meet the men looking for love on new gay dating show ‘Finding Prince Charming’ Watch the RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2 queens make their entraces