Cher drops election-inspired song Happiness Is Just a Thing Called Joe and it's actually epic

"President Joe, President Joe, President Joe"


Cher has released a new song called Happiness is Just a Thing Called Joe in tribute to political figure Joe Biden.

The rousing song, available now on streaming services, is a reworked version of the song of the same name from the 1943 musical film Cabin in the Sky, first sang by Ethel Waters.

On the new version, Cher repeatedly calls Democrat Biden "President Joe" - in case it wasn't abundantly clear how the star is voting in the US election next week.

"He's got a smile that makes the lilacs wanna grow"

Rewritten lyrics on the track include: "He's got a smile that makes the lilacs wanna grow, he's got a way that makes the angels heave a sigh, when they know President Joe's passing by."

Elsewhere, with soaring vocals on point as usual, Cher sings: "Right now our country's gloomy, fear is in the air, but when Joe's president hope is everywhere, troubles fly away and life is easy flow, Joe will keep us safe, that's all we need to know."

Biden goes head-to-head with incumbent President and Republican leader Donald Trump on 3 November. 

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The release follows Cher's appearance at a Biden rally in Las Vegas over the weekend, at which she said Trump is "ripping the guts out" of the US.

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