CBB's Courtney hits back at India's criticism of the LGB community: 'It has allowed you to be here to have this voice'

The reality star also claimed that men aren't comfortable flirting with her because she's trans


Celebrity Big Brother star India Willoughby has claimed the LGBT+ community has made her feel "drowned out" as a transgender woman.

The comments came as the journalist sparked further controversy in last night's episode (January 10) after claiming that people aren't comfortable flirting with her because she's transgender.

India said the straight men in the house preferred to flirt with drag queen Courtney Act - who has struck up a friendship with Andrew Brady - instead of her because he's gay. 

She said: "[The men would] feel more comfortable flirting with Shane because he's a gay guy." 

Act hit back and said: "It's also because of my demeanour. Not just because I'm a gay guy." 

In response, India took aim at the LGBT+ community which she claimed had made her feel "drowned out". 

"I think this is part of the problem being hitched to LGB," she said. "It's the confusion element. I do feel that women like me have, sort of, been drowned out by the LGBT narrative that's been going on." 

However, Act disagreed with the comment and insisted India wouldn't be where she was without the LGBT+ community. 

She said: "The LGBT community has allowed you to be here to have this voice.

"The trans people were such a small part, one to three percent. And by lobbying, essentially, with the L, G and the B, and from 1969 to now, we now have an environment [where you] can be a news reader."

India, who's up for eviction this week, later shocked her fellow housemates after claiming to have been abducted by aliens.

The journalist has been at the centre of a number of rows in the house and sparked backlash after claiming drag queens like RuPaul "cheapen" the transgender cause.