Can six gay men work out who the secret straight guy is? - WATCH

The idea of 'gaydar' gets put to the test in the latest episode of YouTube gameshow 'Odd Man Out'.


Can you really work out a person's sexuality based on appearance and conversation alone?

That's the question being put to the test in the latest episode of Odd Man Out, a YouTube gameshow which sees a group of seven supposedly likeminded strangers attempt to eliminate a cuckoo in the nest in return for a cash prize.

The episode sees six gay men and one secretly straight man come together to work out who's really telling the truth being gay.

If the gay guys can work out who's lying and vote them out, they'll split a cash prize - but if the straight man survives each elimination until the end, they'll take home the money in full.

The outdated concept of 'gaydar' has long held that says you can work out someone's sexuality based on characteristics like appearance and mannerisms - but how far can stereotypes really take you when it comes to knowing a person's sexual orientation?

Check out the episode below and find out for yourself...