Can Donald Trump supporters pass his ideological extremism test? - WATCH

Donald Trump's presidential campaign has been consistently finding new ways to embarrass itself over recent weeks, and his proposed "extreme vetting" for immigrants, which will aim to see if people coming to america believe in tolerance equal rights for women and LGBT people, has become yet another gaffe after his own supporters were found to not be able to pass it. During a segment for The Daily Show, Trump'sĀ upporters ran into trouble answering questions about respect for all religions, same-sex marriage and even a woman's ability to be president. While the answers are completely hilarious, the video points out a huge double standard: why are immigrants branded "extremists" for holding intolerant views, while American citizens with the exact same views aren't? Watch the video below: More stories: LGBT athletes take home record number of medals at Rio 2016 This is what happens when your date sees your tweet about how terrible your date is