Cameron cites equal marriage as one of his 'favourite' achievements during final PMQs

Outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron has described legalising same-sex marriage as one of his "favourite" achievements during his time as Prime Minister, in his outgoing speech to the House Of Commons today. Mr Cameron, who will be replaced by Theresa May later today as Prime Minister caused rifts within his own party when equal marriage became law in 2013.  While the law was passed with a large majority, many of Cameron's own MPs voted against it. Leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn also paid tribute to Mr Cameron's success with equal marriage, although reminded the outgoing Premier that the Labour party had a hand in passing the law too. While some members of the public have joined in to celebrate this part of his legacy, other's have remained cynical about Cameron's wider LGBT legacy. More stories: Orlando: The world remembers, one month on Italian TV network apologises for censoring ‘HTGAWM’ gay sex scene