Calls for same-sex marriage at Pride in Rome

Thousands of people have taken part in Rome's annual Gay Pride parade this weekend, amidst growing calls for the Italian government to introduce same-sex marriage. 11535902_844101315637944_7354189404866177448_n   As Roma Pride snaked around the historic surrounds of the Italian capital, there was a renewed sense of politicism to the proceedings, as Italy is now the only country in Western Europe not to allow same-sex marriage or civil unions of any sort. The issue is controversial in Italy, particularly because of its strong ties to the Vatican, but following Ireland's historic vote for same-sex marriage last month, there is a sense that a tide is turning in even the most traditionally conservative Catholic countries. Matteo-Renzi_2950810b Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is preparing to present legislation that would allow civil unions but not full marriage.  Earlier this week Italy's Lower House of Parliament approved a motion same-sex civil unions which was promoted by Renzi's Democratic Party (PD). The motion commits the government "to promote the adoption of a law on civil unions, particularly with regard to the condition of the people of same sex."