California becomes first state to recognise rights of intersex people

Senator Scott Wiener celebrated the move on Twitter


California has become the first state to recognise the rights of intersex people.

Senator Scott Wiener introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution 110 at the end of February and interACT Advocates for Intersex Youth and Equality California co-sponsored the resolution, Gay Star News reported.

Although other states – including Indiana, Nevada and Texas – have all made moves to support intersex rights, California is the first to pass.

According to the resolution, the purpose is to ‘foster the well-being of children born with varieties of sex characteristics through the enactment of policies and procedures that ensure individualised, multidisciplinary care’.

One element the new resolution resolves to consider ‘intersex children a part of the fabric of our state’s diversity to be celebrated rather than an aberration to be corrected’.

It also recognises that ‘intersex children should be free to choose whether to undergo life-altering surgeries that irreversibly – and sometimes irreparably – cause harm’.

Wiener celebrated the resolution on Twitter and wrote: “Our resolution (#SCR110) urging the medical profession to delay medically unnecessary genital surgeries on #intersex babies has now fully passed the CA Legislature.

“This is the first time a state has gone on record supporting the intersex community & opposing these surgeries.”