Caitlyn Jenner hints that she's considering running for President

Donald Trump may have found his first rival for 2020. Caitlyn Jenner, a once outspoken supporter of the bumbling embarrassment of a President, revealed last week that she was unhappy with his support of the LGBT+ community. In fact, she's so frustrated with how things have gone since he came into office that she's considering running herself. Giving a cryptic response when asked if she'd ever get into politics, Caitlyn said: “I do a lot of political stuff, but it is mostly all behind the scenes. "I have been asked that question quite a bit, to be honest with you–over the next year I’m looking into it.” Explaining last week why she voted for the businessman and former star of The Apprentice last November, the 67-year-old explained: “I’ve always been on the Republican side, just because I’m more conservative in my thinking… Trump was our candidate so obviously I’m gonna vote that way. “But I’m not a big supporter of the Republican party; I’m not a big supporter of Donald Trump. I’m a big supporter of my community.” Could there be a Jenner in the White House in 2020? With Trump managing to beat Clinton, we're saying nothing is impossible at this point. #Britneyfor2020 More stories: FA boss says men’s football is ‘a couple of decades’ away from LGBT acceptance Will & Grace unveils first trailer in the form of a mini episode ahead of comeback