Caitlyn Jenner: 'Donald Trump is the worst thing to happen to the trans community'

But she still hopes he'll 'do a better job' for equality


Caitlyn Jenner has critcised Donald Trump's stance on equality.  

The former Keeping Up With The Kardashians and I Am Cait reality star made the comments at the Champions of Jewish Values International Awards Gala in New York City last week where she was honoured.

During the event, Jenner spoke to Newsweek about the US president and said he's been the worst thing to happen to the transgender community. 

She said: "As far as trans issues, this administration has been the worst ever." 

"They've set our community back 20 years, easily. It's going to be hard to change, but we've been through these types of things before and we'll continue to fight it." 

Jenner, a Republican, spoke out against him a year ago after he ended federal protections allowing trans students to use bathrooms corresponding with their gender identity. 

In a video shared on Twitter, Jenner called Trump's order a "disaster" and asked him to call her. Then, in August last year, Jenner slammed Trump's trans army ban, but was spotted wearing one of Trump's "Make America Great Again" hats just days later.

Despite her ongoing criticism of Trump, she still hopes he'll "do a better job when it comes to equality." 

"We're all Americans. I think of it this way," she explained. "We have diversity in mankind, humankind. We have diversity all over the place, diversity in the way people look, diversity in religion, diversity in skin colour. Wouldn't it be a dull world if everybody was the same?" 

Jenner made headlines last January after she revealed she "didn't trust" the Kardashians not to leak news of her transition to the press.