Bucket list destinations for all gaming fanatics

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Online gaming was once seen as a craze that would fade with time as people expected to transition away from their consoles and gaming PCs just as soon as the next entertainment fad raised its head.

That really has not happened, with more people than ever before logging on to compete against like-minded folks from all over the globe.

This has now led to an entirely new tourism sector coming to the fore, as avid online gamers look to visit places that have been depicted in the games they know and love, as well as visiting those places which are the spiritual heartlands of certain games. Here we detail some of the most attractive travel destinations that exist in the world today for online gamers, which any self-respecting gaming master must add to their travel bucket list as soon as possible.

Prague is a city packed with rich history and incredible architecture, but more recently it has also become known as an Eastern European hub for avid online gamers

Prague – Eastern Europe’s Capital of Gaming

Prague is not the first destination that comes to mind when people are talking about top gaming destinations; however, slowly but surely the Czech capital is becoming one of the most underrated gaming hubs in the world. This is largely due to the fact that it caters to a large array of the gaming fraternity, with Esports centres like Reload Esports bringing gamers together. Allied to this, Prague is a popular stop on top tours, such as poker’s EPT Tour and Hipther’s Prague Gaming Summit, both of which attract individual gamers and pro teams from all over Europe. The beauty of such events is that they tend to happen close to the city centre, so that once people are done gaming, they can head out to see the sights and the nightlife that Prague is famous for. For gamers who like to blend a spot of culture with their gaming, there are few places in the world that can match Prague.

Las Vegas

When it comes to classic games and living the high life, Las Vegas remains one of the best destinations on the planet. This is because it draws players of all abilities from right across the United States as well as the rest of the globe. While classic card games and the like continue to be the staple gaming fare on the strip, many of Sin City’s hotel and gaming complexes are now diversifying. This is evidenced by the fact that Esports arenas like the Luxor’s HyperX Esports Arena are popping up as the city attempts to appeal to a new generation of gamers.

Vegas is also set to upgrade its gaming credentials in 2022, with the new Atari hotel due to open. The people behind the concept want the hotel to be both an homage to the classic arcade games that made Atari a household name, and a portal for all things connected to the modern gaming sphere.

Sin City continues to maintain its status as the go-to place for all kinds of classic games, as well as outlandish shows and spectacular events


There is a strong argument for saying that the capital of Japan is the spiritual heartland of video gaming as a whole because, not only did many top games development studios and publishers originate in the city, but the cityscape itself is so prominent in many online games.

Of course, the entirety of this buzzing metropolis is not solely dedicated to gaming in quite the way that Las Vegas is, but there are certain districts which cater to gamers of all stripes. One of these is Akihabara, which is also known as Electric Town. Here visitors will find a dazzling array of LED signs and gaming-themed stores, many of which boast products that simply cannot be found anywhere else.

Continuing the outlandish theme provided by Tokyo’s whackiest district, there is also the Robot Show in the Shinjuku district. This is a tacky and yet wholly original stage show, which brings the audience face-to-face with giant robots that would not look out of place in games like Transformers or Dynasty Warriors.