BTS star Jungkook's man bun sets Twitter alight: 'I'm gonna pass out'

'Man bun and exposed chest? I'm ascending'.


BTS star Jungkook has rocked a man bun for the band's latest performance - and it has proven a huge hit online.

The star and his bandmates' performance of IDOL, filmed for a special recording of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, was released to the world yesterday.

It features the band - comprised of Jungkook, Jimin, RM, Kim Hyung-tae, Jin, Suga and J-Hope - dancing energetically in overcoats before a huge temple.

But 23-year-old Jungkook's hairstyle easily stole the show.

Seriously, we can't stop looking at it.

Said one thirsty fan on Twitter: "jungkook with his chest exposed and his hair in a bun is the superior concept."

Said another: "Jungkook performing in man bun and exposed chest, i'm ascending."

A third added: "the man bun, the chest, the outfit, the look, the whole jeon jungkook???? IM GONNA PASS OUT."

Shortly after the performance dropped, Jungkook became the number one Twitter trending topic in the US.

BTS formed in 2013 and have since gone on to conquer the all corners of the music world.

The all-South Korean act are known for tracks like Fire, Blood Sweat & Tears and Spring Day. Their latest single Dynamite has reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number three in the UK.