Britney Spears teases details of 'very different' new album

Britney fans rejoiced this week as the Hold It Against Me singer graced the cover of V Magazine looking like she was ready to reclaim her place at pop's top table, and in the accompanying interview to Mario Testino's glorious new shoot, the 34-year-old has teased that her upcoming ninth studio album is "the best thing I've done in a long time". Admitting she "can't really talk" about the finer points of the follow-up to 2013's Britney Jean, which received a lukewarm response from fans and critics, Brit has promised that #B9 is "very different" and "not what you would think at all". So far, so intriguing. "I’m being more hands-on with this one," the Breathe on Me singer says. "It’s my baby, and so I really want it done right." Image | Mario Testino for V Magazine She continues: "I would much rather have it be completely how I want it to be, whether that takes another year for me to do, or two months", adding she still has "no idea at this point" exactly when the record will be released, despite the promise that new material will be included in her re-vamped Vegas show later this year. "But I just know that the direction I’m going in is so good", Spears explains, "I’m proud of the work, and it’s very different; it’s not what you would think at all. But I’m not rushing anything. I just want it to be done right, so that my fans will truly appreciate it." You can read Britney's full cover profile with V magazine here. 12783514_10153582571330805_112183605573155605_o More stories: ‘My country has abandoned me’ – Gay Israeli soldiers’ powerful plea for equal rights Harry Judd wants you to watch him getting nailed for Sport Relief