Break the rules of black tie with Moss Bros' rebellious new range

Moss Bros are inviting you to be part of their gang with their new Black Tie Rebel Collection. The suiting brand are encouraging you to go against the grain with their latest formal  and inviting you to wear something a little bit more gregarious. The suiting brand are perfectly in step with 2016's latest menswear trends, as men become ever-more daring with their formal wear. Actors and musicians have led the way, strutting the red carpet in jacquards, velvet jackets,  prints and more interesting suits than just black or navy. Moss Bros have introduced all of these elements to their formalwear, giving a huge scope from traditional black tie to daring tailoring. MR0957JM_S05_008_CMYK Blue is the new black tie for Moss Bros, upgrading their monochrome suits to cobalt blue. They've worked this in to their velvet jackets, printed ones as well as block colours and jacquards that mean you have a spectrum of the blue stuff. With plenty of textures and detailing on offer, you've the option to go super formal or swithc to casual with a apair of dark jeans and a t-shirt. Moss Bros also tackling red, with a top to toe burgundy as well as accents on a jacket if you're feeling bold. Check out some of the highlights of their rebellious new range below: MR0957JM_S06_036_B&W_CMYK MR0957JM_S01_081_CMYK MR0957JM_S02_118_B&W_CMYK MR0957JM_S10_026_CMYK MR0957JM_S05_077_CMYK   For more visit More stories: Watch | Tom Daley reveals health and fitness tips in new video series Star Wars’ John Boyega has apparently shut down all those same-sex romance theories