Brazilian minister mocked online after claiming Disney's Elsa is turning children into lesbians

"The Princess from Frozen will come back to kiss Sleeping Beauty with a gay kiss."


Words: Steve Brown

A Brazilian minister has been mocked after claiming Queen Elsa is turning children into lesbians.

Footage of Brazil’s Human Rights Minister Damares Alves speaking at an event in Divinopolis called the Defense of the Family Lecture last year has started circulating on social media after she claimed the Disney Frozen character is teaching young girls to dream about marrying women rather than their ‘Prince Charming’, the Mail Online reported.

Alves explained: “You know why she only ends up alone in an ice castle, because she is a lesbian.

"The Princess from Frozen will come back to kiss Sleeping Beauty with a gay kiss."

After the footage started receiving backlash online, the minister took to Instagram to try and explain that her aim was to protect children from over-sexualised cartoons.

She wrote: “My criticism is known to all; I am criticising the attempted interference of gender ideologists in our children’s identities” before adding that children should play with toys and study rather than thinking about gender and sexuality.

Although Elsa is rumoured to be gay, Disney has never explicitly revealed the sexuality of the character, but many speculate she will get a girlfriend in the upcoming sequel.

Watch the trailer below: