Brad Law from Frazer Jones tells myGwork about fostering an open and diverse culture

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“It’s not just about being an LGBT+ friendly business, we want to be an inclusive working environment where people can be themselves,” says Brad Law from Frazer Jones.

He sits down to talk to Louise Sinnerton from myGwork about fostering a diverse and open culture.

Brad is an openly gay Partner at global search and recruitment firm The SR Group and talks about the responsibility of promoting inclusivity when you find yourself in a leadership position.

"Without inclusivity the ability to attract diverse talent and grow high performing teams is seriously hindered. Being a diverse leader should be about encouraging everyone to speak their mind and be heard, empowering decision making autonomy and giving and receiving feedback."

After growing up in Cape Town, South Africa Brad left after college to live in London and travel  throughout Europe.

“I’ve always been out, before I moved to London, and I’m fortunate to have a very accepting family. I've watched as fellow LGBT+ peers carried the weight of their secret by not being out in the workplace.

"Every LGBT+ person’s situation and timing is unique and their own but I truly believe you can never truly have a work life and personal life.

"These blend into each other and working in an environment where you can be yourself gives you a competitive advantage. No one should ever have to repress their authenticity!"

Brad began his career working for an executive search firm and then joined Frazer Jones in 2010.

"I loved it here right away, it's a very welcoming environment." Brad joined to help build the company’s European practice when the team was just three people.

He worked with well-known global brands to hire senior HR leaders in locations like Paris, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Germany and Eastern Europe.

As the work grew so did the team with the firm eventually opening offices in Germany, Milan and Amsterdam.

Brad relocated to New York in 2016 to lead the integration of an acquisition and the expansion of the firms new US operations.

Brad understands how fortunate he is to live in his new home (New York) which is such an LGBT+ friendly city and that his new home and office experiences don’t reflect that of every LGBT+ professional out there.

“It's great that LGBT+ personalities are now an accepted presence in mainstream media and entertainment but we're far from where we need to be. Here in the US, a first world country and progressive economy, LGBT+ employees still aren't a protected class and aren't afforded the same protections many others take for granted.

"In two landmark LGBT+ cases heard by the Supreme Court in October we are waiting with baited breath on the outcome which is expected in early summer 2020. 

Brad said: "These cases have the power to transform workplace protection, and thereby workplace environments and a place where you can be yourself is a place we should all be really excited about."

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