Boy George doesn't care about the sexual orientation of the actor playing him in his upcoming biopic

The Culture Club frontman is set to be immortalised on the big screen


Words: Steve Brown

Boy George doesn’t care about the sexual orientation of the person playing him in the upcoming biopic.

Earlier this year, Deadline reported that MGM Studios are working on a feature film based on the life of the Culture Club frontman following the success of Bohemian Rhapsody and most recently Rocketman.

Sacha Gervasi is set to write and direct the unnamed biopic which will be produced by Kevin King Templeton and Paul Kemsley.

And the film will explore George’s beginnings in an Irish working-class family and charts his rise to the top of the international charts.

Following the news, fans have speculated who could be bringing the iconic singer to the big screen and many have called for a queer actor to play him – unlike the likes of Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman.

However, the former Attitude cover star admitted he doesn’t care what the sexual orientation of the actor playing him is.

When asked by TMZ if he would like an actor from the LGBTQ community to play him, George said: “Not really.

“It would be the right person for the right moment, equality means equality for everyone, even normal people.

“You can’t choose people to be more equal than others, everyone has to be equal. You weren’t expecting [that response] were you?”