'Boy Erased': Watch the emotional new trailer for the gay 'conversion' therapy drama

Joel Egerton's gay 'conversion' therapy drama hits US cinemas this Friday (2 November).


Words: Will Stroude

A brand new trailer for Boy Erased has just been released - and it might just be the most moving look at Joel Egerton's gay 'conversion' therapy drama yet.

With the film's US release just two days away, the new trailer provides a closer look at the strained relationship between gay teenager Jared (Lady Bird's Lucas Hedges) and his evangelical Christian parents (played by Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman respectively).

Based on Garrard Conley's 2016 memoir, Boy Erased follows Jared's journey as he is enrolled on a gay 'conversion' therapy course in the conversvative US Bible Belt, where he comes across other young people struggling to reconcile their faith with their sexuality - including one played by Aussie pop inger Troye Sivan.

Sivan, who has recorded a song for the film's soundtrack, 'Revelation', with Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi, also appears in the new trailer, which takes a closer look at day-to-day life in the 'conversion' therapy camp.

As well a providing a long overdue look at the damage wrought by so-called gay 'cure' therapy, Boy Erased has also prompted its leading man Lucas Hedges to open up about his own sexuality.

The 21-year-old actor, who received an Oscar nomination for his turn in 2016's Manchester-by-the-Sea revealed last month he had experience romantic attachment to both men and women.

"I owe it to this part to speak as honestly as possible," he told GQ. "I think I was always aware that while for the most part I was attracted to women, I existed on a spectrum.

"I recognize myself as existing on that spectrum: Not totally straight, but also not gay and not necessarily bisexual."

Boy Erased is released in US cinemas on 2 November and in the UK on February 8 2019: