Bishop bans churches in Albany from performing same-sex marriages because Satan loves gay people

Bishop William Love wrote in an open letter that the devil was encouraging gay sex and dividing the church


Words: Steve Brown

A bishop has banned churches in his district from performing same-sex marriages because Satan loves gay people.

Bishop William Love, an Episcopal bishop in Albany, New York, said Satan was encouraging gay sex by allowing same-sex couples to get married and placed a block on clergy in the Diocese of Albany despite being direct opposition to the church’s vote in July to approve marriage equality.

In an open letter, Love said the church had been “hijacked by the ‘Gay Rights Agenda’” and continued to say it was “very well organised, very strategic, very well-financed and very powerful”.

He wrote: “Satan is having a heyday bringing division into the Church over these issues and is trying to use the Church to hurt and destroy the very ones we love and care about.”

Love continued to say that Satan was “deceiving the leadership of the Church into creating ways for our gay and lesbian brothers and sister to embrace their sexual desires”.

He added: “There is no doubt The Episcopal Church and now the Diocese of Albany are in the midst of a huge storm that can rip us apart if we are not careful.

“That is exactly what Satan wants. We don’t have to play his game. If we focus on what divides us, we will be destroyed.”