Bisexual people have a lower quality of life than gay men and lesbians, research suggests

LGB people have a lower quality of life than straight people, with bisexuals faring the worst, according to new findings. Research published by the Office of National Statistics showed that LGB people scored lower than heterosexual people when rating their own quality of life, life satisfaction, happiness, and perception that things they do in life are worthwhile. Across the findings, bisexual respondents fared worse than straight people, as well as lesbians and gay men. Worryingly, 30% of bisexual respondents reported high levels of anxiety, compared to only 10% of heterosexual people. Bisexual people also recorded the lowest levels of happiness and life satisfaction in the three years leading up to December 2015. Transgender, non-binary and other identities in the LGBT+ umbrella were not included in the research. The ONS cited discrimination and hate crime as one of the reasons for LGB people scoring lower on the scale. Recently, it was revealed that almost half of LGBT+ Londoners have been the victim of a hate crime in the last year. Pride in London commissioned the report, as stated in The Huffington Post, which shows a 35% increase in anti-LGBT+ attacks in the capital since 2014. Most of those who reported being the victim of a hate crime had experienced an attack more than once. Over a third of LGBT+ respondents said that they'd been victimised five times or more. Only 21% of LGBT+ hate crime victims have reported the incident to the police. LGBT+ people are less likely to report a hate crime than the general population. More stories: Canadian leader Justin Trudeau joins Ireland’s first gay Prime Minister Leo Varadkar for a jog Single & Fabulous? ‘Money talks – and not necessarily the language of love’