Birmingham headteachers face threats for teaching against homophobia

Teachers in Birmingham face death threats if they teach values against homophobia, it has been claimed. Speaking at the NAHT's conference in Liverpool, Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson spoke about the lasting effects of the Trojan Horse scandal, which saw a plot to oust Birmingham head teachers and make their schools enforce more Islamic principles come to light. _76360425_trojanhorsereport "Trojan Horse issues have not gone away. Those of us who were involved, we knew it was the tip of the iceberg. We still have dead animals hung on the gates of schools, dismembered cats on playgrounds," she said. "We have petitions outside schools, objecting to teachers teaching against homophobia. We have death threats on Facebook, for example towards me, 'or any headteacher who teaches my children it's alright to be gay will be at the end of my shotgun'." The primary school teacher added: "All the behaviours and things we saw before are still there. So to have promises that have been broken, not followed through are absolutely unhelpful, unsupportive and have left open gaps for certain individuals to start up again." The NAHT has called on better training for governors, with complaints that "not one single governor implicated in the Trojan Horse scandal has been investigated or even banned". More Stories: Irish Archbishop speaks out on equal marriage fears Paul O'Grady vows to leave Britain if the Conservatives win election