Billie Lourd says 'American Horror Story: 1984' is 'deeply terrifying'

The actress is starring in the new series alongside Gus Kenworthy and Emma Roberts


Words: Steve Brown

Billie Lourd says American Horror Story: 1984 is ‘deeply terrifying’.

Fans of the hit Ryan Murphy anthology series will know that each season doesn’t shy away from gruesome murders and horrifying characters – some of whom are inspired by real people.

But as we await the upcoming ninth season, trailers have teased a homage to 80s slasher movies is the theme.

And Billie Lourd – who has starred in the anthology season since the seventh season – has teased that this is the goriest yet and has said she sings Toto’s ‘Africa’ to calm herself down on set.

While speaking to Jimmy Fallon, she said: “It’s deeply terrifying to do, but it’s so deeply terrifying and weird that it gets to be funny sometimes.

“This one is even gorier than it ever has been before, so I need to sing ‘Africa’ literally every day, all day, because it’s terrifying constantly.”

The new season stars series regulars including Emma Roberts, Cody Fern and Leslie Grossman but will also feature newcomers such as Gus Kenworthy and Angelica Ross.

And Lourd went on to tease the premise of the new season and said: “It’s set outside of LA, it’s me and a bunch of my camp counsellor friends, we’re bored and we don’t want to be in LA anymore.

“We go out to this camp in the middle of nowhere where a bunch of people were killed like 20 years ago, but we’re like, ‘Hey, let’s go be camp counsellors there’, so we go and camp counsel there… and then he comes back.

“[His name is] Mr Jingles, he sounds nice but he ain’t y’all.”

Watch Lourd tease the new season below:

Watch the official trailer for the new season below: