Big Brother star Kenaley Amos-Sissons praises Cameron Cole for coming out on TV

Kenaley praised Cameron for coming out to his fellow housemates on the reality television show.


Kenaley Amos-Sissons, the latest Big Brother housemate to be evicted, has praised Cameron Cole for coming out as gay on national television.

Housemate Cameron Cole came out on the show last week after encouraging fellow contestant Lews Flanagan to ask him if he was gay. Cole replied with a simple "Yes" before the pair hugged in celebration.

Viewers praised Cole, 18, as the moment went viral and Kenaley, who was evicted from the house during yesterday's episode, has also praised the reality TV star.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Kenaley said: "I feel like he's so brave, and his family will be so proud of him to actually come out and share that on TV and with us. it's amazing.

"The fact that he felt like he had to tell us, and I was there, I just feel so happy that I was a part of that experience and there for that growth for him." 

She continued: "I feel like he should be so proud of himself and now he's just going to start his best life, and his true self. I feel like that was so admirable to watch and see the way he was so scared, and he just let go! It just made me so happy." 

Big Brother continues on Sunday night on Channel 5.