Best gifts for special women in your life

In partnership with Parfum Dreams.


We all have at least one woman in our life who means the world to us. This could be a friend or a family member who make our days a little brighter and easier.

When it comes to selecting a gift for them, it can be difficult to choose one that represents your relationship, but with some careful thought about their individual interests and personality, you can find the perfect gift.

Whether you are shopping for your mother, friend, girlfriend, or any special woman in your life, here are some gift ideas that will show them how much you care.


Who doesn’t love a beautiful perfume? Buying a stunning bottle of perfume for someone is one of the most personal gifts you can give. You could find out what their favourite scent or brand is and get them a brand-new bottle, or you could choose a new scent that you think they would love, such as La Vie est Belle.

If you are not sure what they wear, take note of the scent you can smell on them. For example, is it sweet, floral, fresh, woody, citrus or spicy? Choose well, and every time they wear the perfume, they will think of the person who gave it them.


Choosing clothes for someone else can be a minefield. Even if you have a good idea of their style, it is not easy to predict what they will or will not like, and guessing their size is a disaster waiting to happen. Instead, focus on accessories such as handbags, purses, hats or scarves.

If you know their shoe size, you might want to risk choosing them a pair of pretty shoes – but remember to keep the receipt in case they are not quite right when they try them on. Sunglasses are another potential option, but you need to choose the right sunglasses for their face shape.


Of course, no list of gift ideas for women would be complete without a mention of jewellery. The jewellery that you choose will be influenced by your budget, and a ring may be a little too romantic, but a well-chosen necklace, earrings or a bracelet can be incredibly meaningful.

For a gesture that’s even more personal, consider having a message or their name engraved on it.

Spa experience

Are they someone who works too hard or puts others before themselves? If they are stressed or not great at taking care of themselves, book a spa day for the two of you.

Together you can enjoy massages, facials, saunas and other treatments that will ease away their tension and give them time to switch off from their troubles. Follow this with a delicious lunch and a few glasses of champagne, and they’ll be left in no doubt about how much they mean to you.

Shopping spree

If you cannot decide what they would appreciate the most, consider taking them on a shopping spree. Choose a day and take her out to her favourite shopping centre. Set a budget and let her select her own gift or gifts. You could also enjoy a spot of lunch and/or some cocktails and create a wonderful memory that will last forever.