Ben Hunte receives homophobic and racist abuse after posting picture with boyfriend

The journalist made history as the first ever LGBT correspondent for the BBC last year


Words: Steve Brown

The BBC’s LGBTQ correspondent Ben Hunte is bombarded with homophobic and racist messages after posting an image with his boyfriend on social media.

Last year, Ben made history as becoming the BBC’s first ever LGBT correspondent and has since reported on issues facing the community including the ongoing protests on LGBTQ-inclusive lessons in schools.

But after posting a heartwarming picture with his boyfriend after celebrating Brighton Pride together, the journalist has faced a torrent of abuse – both homophobic and racist.

The abuse started on social media – particularly Twitter – but then, somehow unknown to him, his personal mobile was released and the abuse continued there.

Taking to Twitter, Ben – who is a former Attitude cover star – posted an image of just some of the abuse he received.

While posting a picture of the messages, he wrote: “Received hundreds of homophobic & racist messages across my Insta & Twitter this week.

“Now my personal number has been leaked & and been abused too. It’s 2019… Things should be better!”

In the message, the person questions why he ‘chose’ to have a relationship with a man and even asked him whether he wants children.