Ben Hardy: 'Daley deserved to beat me in Attitude HOT 100'

6a00d8341c730253ef01a73db87e54970dEastEnders star Ben Hardy has said that Tom Daley deserved to beat him in this year's Attitude HOT 100 poll. The Olympic medal-winning diver topped the HOT 100 list voted for by Attitude readers for the second consecutive year, while former Attitude cover star Hardy finished 30 places behind, in a very respectable 31st place. Hardy has since spoken about his placing, insisting he is happy to finish in Daley's wake. "He seems like a really nice lad and good-looking boy, so fair play to him, " Hardy told our friends at Digital Spy. "I was happy with 31," he continued. "People kept coming up to me and offering commiserations and I was like, 'I'm quite chuffed'. Everyone was like, 'Oh, unlucky', but I'd have been happy to be 100th." Th 23-year-old actor then revealed that he has a 'man crush' on a few of Hollywood's leading men, saying: "I have so many man crushes - 'my brother' Tom Hardy, Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper - if he's here today, I might get a bit squealish." To see the HOT 100 list in full, download the latest issue of Attitude now at or order via post at You can pick up a physical copy in the shops too, of course. Meanwhile, Olly Murs - who did not place in the Attitude HOT 100 - has since been voted 'Rear of the Year'. Find out more here. The Attitude HOT 100 was presented in association with, and took place at the spectacular, 32-storey Paramount Bar, Restaurant & Events Space.