BBC faces oblivion, says It's A Sin writer Russell T Davies

"I’m sitting back thinking, ‘I’ll be 60 soon, I had the best of it, well done, bye bye’"


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Attitude/Markus Bidaux

Russell T Davies has warned that the BBC is heading for extinction.

Debate around the BBC license fee and government threats to its funding have been steadily increasing for years.

Speaking in a new interview on That Gaby Roslin Podcast, 57-year-old Davies suggested such threats - including from blockbuster streamers - were too great for the broadcaster to survive.

"I've given up fighting"

“The amount of author-owned, personal drama pieces that are being broadcast is 10 times the number than in the 60s,” he explained.

“People say Play for Today was the height of television. We’re getting series like that every week now, not quite every week, but it’s in a glorious state.

“The state of the broadcasters is not so magnificent… I’ve given up fighting."

He added that his warnings about the BBC being "doomed" have gone on "so long that now I’m sitting back thinking, ‘I’ll be 60 soon, I had the best of it, well done, bye bye’."

RTD is known for creating hit shows like Queer As Folk, It's a Sin, A Very English ScandalYears and Years and the 2005 Doctor Who revival - the latter three all airing on the Beeb.

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