BBC Breakfast's Ben Thompson puts on an Olympic show for viewers - WATCH

BBC Breakfast presenter and low-key hunk Ben Thompson gave us the wake-up call of our dreams when he showed off his pressup skills on this morning's (August 10) show. The journalist, who appeared on the cover of Attitude last year, was challenged to see if he could perform a "superman press up" - which involves pushing yourself off the ground and clapping in between press ups - like Adam Peaty, who not only won a Gold medal in the Men's 100m breaststroke event at this year's Olympics, but also broke the world record for the event. We're not quite sure what deal Adam Peaty cut with the Devil to give him this superhuman strength, but even though Ben Thompson didn't quite manage to reach such lofty heights, we're still very much impressed - we can barely get our shoes on the right foot at 8:30 in the morning, never mind a superman press up... More stories: Colton Haynes was told his father killed himself after finding out he was gay BBC commentator slammed for homophobic comment during Olympic kiss cam