Baga Chipz told to 'burn in hell with Thatcher' after tweeting condolences to The Queen

"I’m not in the right mental state for this type of abuse"


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: BBC/wiki

Baga Chipz has apologised after receiving backlash for expressing condolences to The Queen over the death of her husband Prince Philip.

The Duke of Edinburgh - who had a history of making racist and problematic public comments - died on 9 April 2021 at the age of 99.

The Queen has described his passing as leaving "a huge void", according to her son Prince Andrew, the Duke Of York.

RuPaul's Drag Race UK star Baga was among numerous celebrities to send condolences to Queen Elizabeth - but was allegedly told to "burn in hell" by critics for her stance.

"I have seen firsthand what loss can do to the elderly"

Addressing the criticism on Twitter, Baga said: "I’m sorry if it caused offence. I never meant to upset anyone and I apologise. I just have seen first hand what loss can do to the elderly and just wanted to send love. Don’t mean I support the person who passed. Thought I was being nice. I’m sorry. [Sic]."

The RPDR UK SE1 finalist added: "All I do is be nice to people and try and make people happy and I’m always the one who gets hurt. I’m getting all these people who don’t even follow me telling me to burn in hell with Philip and Thatcher.

"All I did was send my condolences to the queen. Joe Biden just did the same."

Signing off, she said: "I’m coming off twitter. I’ll see you all on the road or on the telly. I’m not in the right mental state for this type of abuse, it brings back my school days. I love you all. And be kind to one another. Lots of love."

Baga wasn't off Twitter for long, however, and on Saturday told fans: "I’ve had a 12 hour power sleep and feel much better. Thank you for all your lovely messages. I don’t usually listen to trolls. Yesterday wasn’t a good day for personal reasons. I love you all so much. And will contnue to try and cheer people up whilst being kind. Bloody love ya! [Sic.]"

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