Azaelia Banks labels Nicki, Miley and Taylor a 'contest of the basics'

Azealia Banks has rubbished Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj's brief VMAs fall-out as "a contest of the basics" in a string of tweets. Nicki Minaj's tweets about racial politics in the music industry following the MTV VMA nominations led to a recently-healed rift with Taylor Swift as well as an on-stage mini-confrontation with Miley Cyrus after the former Hannah Montana frontwoman criticised the wording of her complaints. Banks, though, has joked that all three parties involved make "basic ass music", adding that they "rip all ur styles off the downtown NYC girls". https://twitter.com/AZEALIABANKS/status/639023743440826368 https://twitter.com/AZEALIABANKS/status/639024022617874432 https://twitter.com/AZEALIABANKS/status/639024677692698624 https://twitter.com/AZEALIABANKS/status/639024901551075328 https://twitter.com/AZEALIABANKS/status/639025516746440705 https://twitter.com/AZEALIABANKS/status/639025543749365760 https://twitter.com/AZEALIABANKS/status/639041598404235264 MTV released unedited raw footage of the Minaj/Cyrus showdown in the aftermath of the VMAs, after some viewers accused the two of staging the whole thing. Neither side has commented on it, but Minaj asking the host "Miley, what's good?" has proven to be the night's most GIFable moment.   tumblr_nty6e4yD7N1ub9fojo1_500   https://twitter.com/MileyUpdateTeam/status/638710380311785472 Fans have been posing the question to Miley en masse on social media ever since. Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 14.14.17