Australia's senate pass motion to tackle gay conversion therapy

The motion comes after the new Prime Minister Scott Morrison made a number of anti-LGBT comments


Australia’s senate have passed a motion to tackle gay conversion therapy.

Brought to the senate by Australia Greens, the motion comes after Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he wouldn’t get involved with outlawing the therapy saying it’s “not an issue” for him.

Now, the new motion called on the federal government to encourage all of Australia’s states and territories to ban the so-called therapy.

Morrison’s coalition said they disagreed with the motion saying it was a matter for the states but they didn’t oppose it.

A spokesperson for the Australia Greens said: “For the Prime Minister to dismiss this as an issue that’s ‘not for him’ is an absolute disregard of duty.

“This is an issue for him and the senate has just confirmed it.”

Rice slammed the new Prime Minister while speaking to the senate and in a tweet, she posted her speech captioning the video: “I've got a message for you @ScottMorrisonMP.

“Your language and attacks on LGBTIQ+ people are totally unacceptable and harmful.

“You say you want to be the Prime Minister for all Australians - start acting like it.#greens #auspol”