Australia's Prime Minister continues his tirade against LGBT people in anti-trans tweet

Scott Morrison said teachers shouldn't be trained on how to identify a transgender child


Australia’s Prime Minister has slammed teachers being trained on trans issues.

Scott Morrison – who recently said banning gay conversion therapy isn’t his issue – took to Twitter on Wednesday (September 5) to carry on his tirade against the LGBT+ community.

Morrison shared a Daily Telegraph article on his social media account which revealed that teachers will now be trained to identify possible transgender children.

However, his comment was anything but welcoming to the trans community and wrote: “We do not need ‘gender whisperers’ in our schools.

“Let kids be kids.”

Earlier this week, he publicly said he found it ‘skin-curling’ that schools even teach children about LGBT+ topics.

Senator Janet Rice, spokesperson of the Australian Greens LGBTIQ, said: “Morrison had made every effort to demonise young LGBTIQ people.

“He has done so much damage in such a short time.

“I’ve got news for the Prime Minister – some kids are trans. Some kids are gay, lesbian, bisexual.

“Some kids are questioning their gender or sexuality. And they need to be supported by their families, communities, schools and their representatives in parliament.”