Australia's ad watchdog dismiss complaints about Bond's LGBTQ-inclusive campaign

The campaign faced backlash after it featured a same-sex couple sharing intimate moments


Words: Steve Brown

Australia’s advertising watchdog Ad Standards have dismissed complaints about underwear brand Bonds LGBTQ-inclusive advertising campaign.

The Australian underwear and clothing company faced the wrath of close-minded bigots after releasing a series of images featuring a same-sex couple sharing intimate moments while sporting Bonds underwear back in November.

The ad campaign, entitled 'Its the Bonds that makes the season' features real-life couple Steve Fernando and Nicolas Rivet - but the proud display of LGBTQ affection didn’t go down well with everyone.

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Bigots slammed Bonds for the supposedly "offensive" campaign, which prompted official complaints to Australia's Advertising Standards.

And now, Ad Standards have dismissed the complaints and said the ‘depiction of men in underwear is not of itself a depiction of sexual intercourse, sexual stimulation or suggestive behaviour’.

They continued: “The panel noted the men were kissing but considered there was no indication this would lead to sex.

“The panel considered that children viewing the advertisement would view a couple in a relaxed intimate moment and would not view the advertisement as sexualised.”

The watchdog also found that the underwear brand ‘did treat sex, sexuality and nudity with sensitivity’ and didn’t breach their Code of Ethics.

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