Australian optician gets trolled with punny comebacks after objecting to same-sex marriage

An Australian eye clinic has been the target of some hilarious comebacks after protesting same-sex marriage on social media. Mobile Eye Clinic in Chatswood, New South Wales posted an image on their Instagram that read: "Marriage is a commitment, Say NO to selfish love, Consider Children." Same-sex marriage is a hot topic in Australia at the moment due to the upcoming plebiscite on the issue. Shortly after posting the image on Saturday, the post was inundated with pun-tastic comments chastising the company for its outdated values. One user wrote: "You guys seem to have a really poor vision for the future", while another opted for "That’s a bit of a “short-sighted” opinion." The hilarious responses continued, from "You and I don't see eye to eye on this" to "Iris-pectfully disagree with your ill informed, bigoted opinion." The best of all was: "How can you be so blind? Are you having trouble with your plebisight?" The business' stance on marriage equality seems to contradict what they state on the 'About' page of their website, which reads: "We respect the individual - our patients and staff." The Australian government is planning to hold a plebiscite to gauge public opinion on same-sex marriage. The results of the plebiscite, which asks citizens to mail in their responses to a particular issue, will not be legally-binding. It will merely act as a survey of attitudes towards same-sex marriage in the country. Australian celebrities Chris Hemsworth, Kylie & Dannii Minogue have all pledged their support for marriage equality in their homeland, while US singer Meghan Trainor has hit back at anti-equality campaigners using her image to urge people to reject same-sex marriage.