Austin Armacost sends fans into meltdown with naked kitchen handstand pic

In The Year of Our Lord 2017, it's not a question of when Austin Armacost will share a completely naked picture of himself on Instagram, but more, which newfangled angle will it be taken from? Yep, the former Celebrity Big Brother star and model - who accidentally revealed a little too much of himself in a recent picture shared to social media - has given fans an insight into exactly what his impressive physique looks like upside down after uploading a picture of himself doing a handstand completely naked in front of his kitchen fridge to Instagram. "On Thursdays.... we do handstands in the kitchen, naked", Austin captioned the unlikely snap, as fans rushed to heap praise on both the former reality star and his taste in appliances. "LOL very cute!" wrote one follower. Tagging their friend, another added: "This is the fridge I want".

On Thursdays.... we do handstands in the kitchen, naked

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As for us? We just hope he gave that fridge door a wipe-down after. More stories: Katy Perry accused of ripping off Drag Race stars in new video Heroes star Thomas Dekker comes out as gay, claims he was outed by producer