Aussiebum now pays customs import VAT fees or refund if you’re charged VAT



Great news for aussieBum’s customers in the United Kingdom.  They’ve finally found the solution to prepay the import VAT fees for orders into the UK if the total value of the order doesn’t exceed £135 pounds.

The best news of all is the VAT fee due aussieBum will deduct from your order. There is a catch however, you need to choose the ‘Fast Track Courier shipping option’ so they can do process your payment. 

There is an additional shipping charge however it does not include the import VAT fee.

Or, if you select their ‘No Frills Free Shipping’ option and are charged import VAT and service fee they will refund the total amount using a quick online form to complete and upload the payment receipt you receive.

"Now that we have found the perfect solution for our customers, I am absolutely delighted. It has been a major issue we could not resolve," says founder/company owner Sean Ashby.

"This is a game changer for us because it means our customers in the UK can continue to get a great product that’s made in Australia using the best quality materials."

The bottom line here is aussieBum are now paying the customs import VAT fee in advance when you choose the Fast Track Courier shipping option.  Or they will refund the VAT and service fee charged if you choose No Frills Free Shipping.

Speaking about the Fast Track Shipping option, you can track your order online, it will bypass Customs for faster delivery and to top it off, it will be delivered via courier.

For more details visit this page.  And as a bonus any order placed after 1st March 2019 where you had to pay the customs import VAT fee, aussieBum will refund. Here’s the link to claim your refund:

Now for the entertainment part of this article. Here’s a video they recently produced that truly displays all the qualities we’ve come to love about the brand:

You made aussieBum real from aussieBum on Vimeo.