Attitude's Christmas gift guide (£51 - £100)

Whether you're giving or receiving, here's what should be on every gay man's Christmas list this year.


Out of ideas on what to buy a friend, family member, loved one or husband this Christmas (or want to know what should be on your own list to Santa?)

There's no need to panic this festive season, because we've rounded up the best presents to to suit every budget…

Less than £50

1) Elton John Enamel Rocket PinTateossian, £95

2) Classic Sodalite Tie ClipThompson, £75

3) Geometric Square Enamel Cufflinks in Blue - Thompson, £89

4) Braided Steel Bracelet in Navy - Thompson, £79

5) L’Homme Cologne Cedrat gift set - L'Occitane, £59

6) Lumin Complete Collection Set - Lumin, roughly £77.59

7) Mifo 05 smart True wireless earbuds in rose gold - Mifo, £89.99

8) Blue Longline puffer jacket - Burton, £89

9) Versace Eros Flame 100ml - Notino, £66.83