Attitude + Jaguar: Life's too short



#FASTLOVE is back. Are you ready to embrace the exciting ethos of the ATTITUDE + JAGUAR partnership? To feel that heart-thumping impulse and seize the moment? Sure you are.

Everyone knows the story of the tortoise and the hare. But have you heard the one about the Jaguar? When life grabs hold of you, go with it.

Here's something to get you started...


Everyone’s talking about the celeb diners and the talented young chef from a country you’ve never heard of. Unfortunately, your chance of securing a table is about as rare as the wagyu carpaccio. But wait, aren’t you the latest social influencer whose food pics are causing a sensation on Instagram? At least that’s what you tell them.


Arrive at the departure gate looking sharp, as if you’ve just been browsing the FT in the exec lounge. Flash your biggest smile and mention that the assistant you don’t really have has made a mix up with the flights. Keep the conversation just the right side of flirty and sweetly enquire if there are any first class upgrades. It’s about time you turned left on a flight.


Always keep emergency gym gear in the boot of your car. Sometimes you have a thirst that sends the night in a more interesting direction — towards an unexpected destination. But you can avoid those knowing glances from colleagues the next morning by arriving in a bit of a sweat.


Your CEO is far too busy to discuss your next career move. In fact, she hasn’t replied to your emails in weeks. But you’ve found her favourite coffee shop and just happen to be in the queue ahead of her, ready to order a skinny matcha latte and hand it over with a totally sincere compliment. What better time to chat about that promotion?


Dressing well and acting the part will get you far, but arriving in the right ride will seal the deal. Limos are out, private jets are too much and don’t get us started on horse-drawn carriages. How about sliding out of a Jaguar? That’ll do it.

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