Attitude Artist Award, supported by Jaguar: Christine and the Queens

The pansexual French singer opens up about producing her second album under the name 'Chris'


Christine and the Queens has been honoured with the Artist Award, supported by Jaguar, at the Virgin Atlantic Attitude Awards 2019, powered by Jaguar.

The 'Girlfriend' singer - real name Héloïse Adelaïde Letissier - has pushed the boundaries of gender and sexuality since bursting onto the scene in 2014, and continued to subvert expectations on last year's acclaimed album Chris.

In the Attitude Award issue - available to download and to order globally now - Christine opens up about her constantly-shifting pansexual and genderqueer identity.

"Identity itself, for me, is a shattered mirror. So being consistent and coherent never appealed to me, even when I was younger. I had lots of different nicknames according to how I felt," she says.

"Even in my sexuality, I feel I have layers and layers. So, I can’t be just be a solid person; it doesn’t make sense.

"I understand that relationship to metamorphosis, to chase something unattainable. It’s questioning all the time.

"I don’t even know if sometimes I feel all the time like a woman. I don’t know what 'woman' is. I want to question womanhood.

She goes on: "I remember high school as a nightmare for me because everyone defined identity so strictly.


Christine and the Queens, shot exclusively for Attitude's Award issue by Ferry van der Nat

"Fluidity brings more possibilities and I like that. Nuances. You explore, and thank God you can let go of the idea of ticking a box, which never appealed
to me.

"So, yes, more names, more pronouns, and sub-categories, or whatever."

Read the full interview with Christine and all the winners from the Virgin Atlantic Attitude Awards 2019, powered by Jaguar in the Attitude Awards issue, out now.

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